Rumba For 3D Printer Start Kits Mother Board Rumba Board With 6pcs DRV8825 Stepper Driver &6pcs Heatsink with

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Rumba For 3D Printer Start Kits Mother Board Rumba Board With 6pcs DRV8825 Stepper Driver &6pcs Heatsink with


1,It has integrated design, easy installation and debugging.

2,It adopts Arduino IDE as development software, the firmware is also upgraded, the parameter configuration is simple and easy to use.

3,Compared with 3D printer control board on the market, it adds one channel motor driver and reduces some inline packages to improve connectivity and stability.

Basic parameter:

1, It not only uses the same CPU of Arduino MEGA, but also adopts Atmega2560 as the main control chip, and with high performance USB chip ATMEGA16U2 coordination use. The purpose is to compatible with all firmware related Ramps.

2, Input with 5 temperature sensor interfaces.

3, All pins are led out, in order to do more functional development.

4, It has LCD expansion interface, you can connect Chinese LCD screen and SD development board to achieve offline printing. (support 2004 and12864)

5, It is convenient to add the automatic leveling function due to steering gear interface.

6, Support six A4988 Subdivision stepper driver Boards.

7, PWM DC output(heating pipe, fan etc.). Six-channel output( 1 channel is large current, 2 channel is middle current, 3 channel is small current. It adopts MOS as driver with high performance and low breakover resistance. Each output has LED as indication.

8, Power supply department: Power output is 12V-35V, it designed with double-circuit power supply to avoid mutual influence. Hotbed section supports 11A current, 12V voltage, Other parts of the circuit is 5A 12V. In order to reduce the high temperature generated by the large current on the Control MEGA board, we propose to increase the cooling fan of 12V.

9, Control board firmware is Marlin which is widely used and does well in stability, usability and functionality.

Packing list

1*Rumba Board

6* DRV8825

6* heatsink

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